UX and Web Instructions

In your DTC courses, you may need to learn or review various software programs. Below are links to tutorials and support materials about them.

MockFlow and Wireframe Pro

MockFlow provides simple web apps for the UI/UX web design process, including the wireframing app Wireframe Pro. There are several introductory videos about MockFlow that cover account management, wireframing basics, page management, and review/export features. Read more.

WordPress: Installation and Setup

For various DTC classes, you have been asked to purchase web hosting and domain services from Reclaim Hosting, and then install and configure WordPress on your domain. Detailed instructions are available here. Read more.

Connecting CodeAnywhere to Reclaim Hosting

In web design/development classes, you may be assigned use of the web hosting company Reclaim Hosting as well as the web service CodeAnywhere to support web programming. After you have already created/registered an account with these companies, follow these steps to connect your CodeAnywhere account to your Reclaim Hosting server. Read more.