WordPress includes a page and post editor called Gutenberg. It is useful for most web page layouts, and includes a lot of features. However, for advanced layouts, including 12-column Bootstrap-style grids, you need to use a pagebuilder plugin. For DTC 355, the recommended plugin is Beaver Builder. It's the plugin used to lay out the home page of this DTC site, as well as this page.

Watch the videos below for more information about Beaver Builder:

Also, scroll down further for more about using Beaver Builder with the Astra theme.

Using Beaver Builder with the Astra Theme

When using Beaver Builder to edit a page using the Astra theme, you usually want to configure specific Astra features of that page:

  • Set the content/container width to Full Width / Stretched.
  • Turn off the WordPress sidebar.
  • Turn off the Page Title.

Astra offers a brief guide to these settings for each page, and this video demonstrates it: