Learning Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is software for making and editing videos.

Adobe provides a series of online Premiere Pro tutorials, complete with instructions, videos, and small sample projects. These are good for beginners as well as users who need their skills refreshed. During your course, lab time may be provided during class to work on these tutorials with the instructor available for questions.

Recommended links for basic Premiere Pro understanding are listed below with estimated time required to complete each tutorial. All together, the lessons listed here add up to more than 3 hours of training.

Installing Adobe Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro is part of the Adobe Creative Cloud. WSU students should be able to download and install the software from Adobe, and log in using their WSU username and password.

Note: If you are unable to install Adobe Premiere Pro on your computer, such as a Chromebook, one alternative to try is the WeVideo online editor.

A. Getting Started (85 minutes)

  1. Create a project and import a video clip (18 minutes)
  2. Importing video clips directly into your project (9 minutes)
  3. Working with Premiere's panels (13 minutes)
  4. Basic video clip sequencing and audio editing (21 minutes)
  5. Adding graphics and text (13 minutes)
  6. Adjusting timing of your video clips (11 minutes)

B. More Editing Features (39 minutes)

  1. Working with video clips of mixed size and frame rate (8 minutes)
  2. Add video clip transitions, effects, and stabilization (16 minutes)
  3. Export your project to a video file (7 minutes)
    • Also see: Instructions on uploading videos to YouTube or Vimeo
  4. Using time adjustments to create slow-motion video (3 minutes)
  5. Using a storyboard edit to add multiple clips simultaneously (5 minutes)

C. Editing Audio (34 minutes)

  1. Adding a voiceover and adjusting audio (15 minutes)
  2. Understanding audio levels (5 minutes)
  3. Advanced audio effects (4 minutes)
  4. Reducing background noise and reverb (5 minutes)
  5. More about reducing background noise (5 minutes)

D. Adjusting Colors in Video Clips (33 minutes)

  1. Adjusting contrast, highlights, and shadows (7 minutes)
  2. Color adjustment with Lumetri Curves (8 minutes)
  3. Copy effects from one clip to another (5 minutes)
  4. More color adjustments (6 minutes)
  5. Comparing colors between clips (4 minutes)
  6. Match clip colors automatically (3 minutes)