For the last couple of years, I have asked all of my students to submit their favorite songs. From submissions across all of my classes, I usually create playlists on Spotify to play on shuffle in the classroom during lab time, group work, etc. During the Fall 2020 online-only semester, I modified this into a YouTube playlist, adding a random music video from the list to the end of the lecture recordings on Blackboard.

Either way, these lists of student-submitted music represent a wide array of taste and style. Enjoy!

Fall 2020 Playlist on YouTube

One of the first assignments of the semester was to submit a YouTube link to a favorite song. Students were allowed to submit multiple songs. If you submitted a song, but you don’t see it here, it might be because…

  • You submitted a song or artist name, but not a YouTube link. Please read instructions more carefully.
  • Your video was no longer available by the time I tried to add it to the playlist.
  • Your video was more explicit than I was comfortable with sharing to the class.

You can also watch the playlist directly on YouTube.

Spring 2020 Playlist on Spotify

You can also listen on Spotify.