For in-person classes, I ask students to submit their favorite songs via online survey, and then I create playlists on Spotify to play on shuffle in the classroom during lab time, group work, etc. When we switched to online-only distance learning in Spring 2021, I modified this into a YouTube playlist, adding a random music video from the list to the end of the lecture recordings. I discontinued this in online courses for the Fall 2021 semester.

Students were allowed to submit multiple songs. If you submitted a song, but you don't see it here, it might be because...

  • You submitted a link, but it wasn't a YouTube link, or your link was broken.
  • Your video was no longer available by the time I tried to add it to the playlist.
  • Your video was more explicit than I was comfortable to share in a classroom (even if it's an online classroom).

In any case, these playlists represent a wide array of tastes and styles. Enjoy!

Spring 2021 Playlist on YouTube

Watch this playlist on YouTube.

Fall 2020 Playlist on YouTube

Watch this playlist on YouTube.

Spring 2020 Playlist on Spotify

Listen to this playlist on Spotify.