Fistula Care & Fistula Care Plus

PROJECT: Clinical, training, and outreach materials

ROLE: Art director, designer

The Fistula Care and Fistula Care Plus projects focused on treating, repairing, and preventing obstetric fistula. Although this condition has all but disappeared from the U.S., it remains common in the poorer parts of the world, with dramatic negative effects on women. These projects were funded by USAID and managed by EngenderHealth.

Over the years, these projects produced dozens, if not hundreds, of technical materials. Some were developed to train healthcare professionals in fistula repair surgery, client counseling, and other aspects of the healthcare process. Other materials were for patient education, or used in community outreach.

I designed and/or art directed most of these materials, and also directed the FC/FC+ branding and web site.

<b>Training curriculum</b> on counseling fistula clients
Training curriculum on counseling fistula clients
<b>Training curriculum</b> on gathering/analyzing health data
Training curriculum on gathering/analyzing health data

<b>Booklet</b> on understanding informed consent
Booklet on understanding informed consent
<b>Worksheet</b> on fistula diagnosis
Worksheet on fistula diagnosis

<b>Clinical poster</b> on fistula diagnosis
Clinical poster on fistula diagnosis
<b>Facilitator's guide</b> for DVD of fistula survivor stories
Facilitator's guide for DVD of fistula survivor stories