Fistula Care & Fistula Care Plus

PROJECT: Logo design, web site, curricula, clinical materials, DVDs, etc.

ROLE: Art director, designer

The Fistula Care and Fistula Care Plus projects focused on treating, repairing, and preventing obstetric fistula. Although this condition has all but disappeared from the U.S., it remains common in the poorer parts of the world, with dramatic negative effects on women. These projects were funded by USAID and managed by EngenderHealth.

The curve logo with the gap is symbolic of obstetric fistula itself, with the project closing the gap. I directed the team that designed the logo and branding, which adapted EngenderHealth brand elements in a unique but recognizable manner. My team has also developed extensive print and digital materials for the projects, including iterations of its web site.

<b>Infographic</b> for social media and conferences
Infographic for social media and conferences

<b>Web site</b> for Fistula Care <i>Plus</i>
Web site for Fistula Care Plus
<b>Training Curriculum</b> cover
Training Curriculum cover