PROJECT: Generative art and NFTs

ROLE: Designer, programmer

Quantrian started more than 20 years ago when I began experimenting with using generative algorithms as digital brushes to paint square-based abstract modern art inspired by my favorite artists: Piet Mondrian, Vera Molnár, Ellsworth Kelly, and more.

To produce the original Series 1 collection, Quantrian code relied on truly random numbers derived from the measurements of quantum energy fluctuations in the electromagnetic field of a laboratory vacuum chamber (a type of QRNG). I gave the algorithm a blank canvas, and the quantumly random numbers direct the algorithm’s decisions about color, dimension, arrangement, and more. Like a quantum fluctuation, the resulting art was ephemeral: by design, Quantrian images vanished after ten seconds. I watched and captured the most interesting artwork, curating them into the final 100 images.

Series 2 is a collection of digital collages produced from pairs of Series 1 images assigned randomly to me by the computer — to be cut, layered, blended, and otherwise reconceptualized into new works. This preserves the underlying colors, randomness, and abstraction while exploring new relationships.

From the truly random numbers, through proprietary generative algorithms, to my aesthetic and curation, each Quantrian image is truly unique — the result of a quantumly randomized and personal artistic process that is impossible to replicate.

The images are available as fine art prints through VSUAL, original NFTs through OpenSea (Series 1 and Series 2), and various kinds of swag through Redbubble and Contrado.

Check out Quantrian’s branding elsewhere in my portfolio, and learn more about the project at Quantrian.io

<b>Quantrian 001</b> (from Series 1)
Quantrian 001 (from Series 1)
<b>Quantrian 102</b> (from Series 2)
Quantrian 102 (from Series 2)

<b>Quantrian 010</b> (from Series 1)
Quantrian 010 (from Series 1)
<b>Quantrian 014</b> (from Series 1)
Quantrian 014 (from Series 1)

<b>Quantrian 107</b> (from Series 2)
Quantrian 107 (from Series 2)
<b>Quantrian 020</b>
Quantrian 020