And I'm the Dad: Lunchnotes

PROJECT: Lunchnotes

ROLE: Doodler, folder, cutter, dad

And I’m the Dad is my personal blog. As a “dad blogger” since 2011, my blog has grown organically to over 12,000 followers on Tumblr.

In 2012, I started putting notes in my son’s lunchbox after I finished packing the food. There was a stack of index cards in a kitchen drawer, and I drew a silly little doodle to try to cheer him up, since he was going through a rough time at school. And when my daughter started school, I made them for her too. Some of them were interactive, requiring cutting or folding, but all of them started out as a plain 3″ x 5″ index card.

Eventually, I started posting my lunchnotes online, and they caught the attention of Mashable, Laughing Squid, Yummy Mummy Club, Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls, and others.  The Wrigley Company even sent me 43 packs of Extra Gum just because they liked my lunchnotes.

Shown here are some of the hundreds posted on the site. I’ve only turned a few of the interactive lunchnotes into animated GIFs, and those are low resolution due to Tumblr limits, but they tend to be my favorites.

<b>Half the Message</b>, part 1 (front, folded)
Half the Message, part 1 (front, folded)
<b>Half the Message</b>, part 2 (front, unfolded)
Half the Message, part 2 (front, unfolded)

<b>Half the Message</b>, part 3 (back)
Half the Message, part 3 (back)

<b>Yin yang</b>
Yin yang
<b>Hedgie the Hedgehog</b> reads a book
Hedgie the Hedgehog reads a book

<b>Sports car</b>
Sports car