PROJECT: Branding and Web Site

ROLE: Designer

Quantrian started more than 20 years ago when I began experimenting with coding generative algorithms as digital brushes to paint square-based abstract modern art inspired by my favorite artists: Piet Mondrian, Vera Molnár, Ellsworth Kelly, and more. As noted in the Personal & Academic section, Quantrian images are available online as NFTs and art prints via Quantrian.io.

To launch Quantrian properly, it needed a brand and a logo. Simplicity proved the best choice: creating a “q” using the same visual techniques expressed in the algorithms. The logo can be seen on the web site, and at the collections on the NFT marketplace OpenSea and the fine art printing site Vsual.

<b>Quantrian Logo</b>
Quantrian Logo
<b>Quantrian Web Site</b>
Quantrian Web Site

<b>Quantrian 001</b>, the first issued work
Quantrian 001, the first issued work