PROJECT: Web site

ROLE: Web producer, programmer, art director, designer

As its mission statement says, EngenderHealth is a leading global women’s health organization committed to ensuring that every pregnancy is planned, every child is wanted, and every mother has the best chance at survival.

For nearly 13 years, one of my primary roles was as EngenderHealth’s Web Producer. I designed and maintained the corporate web site through multiple iterations of brand and technology updates. From the front-end UI to the back-end CMS, from interactive quizzes to the online donation system’s merchant account, there were a myriad of acronyms and names involved behind the scenes: XML, XSL, PHP, SQL, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, MySQL, Cascade, WordPress, Salsa, Luminate, Payflow, Google Analytics, and more.

As EngenderHealth’s Art Director, I also managed the brand, and designed or directed many EngenderHealth projects and initiatives.

<b>Web site</b>, home page
Web site, home page
<b>Web site</b>, countries page with integrated Google Maps
Web site, countries page with integrated Google Maps

<b>Web site</b>, story library
Web site, story library
<b>Web site</b>, video library
Web site, video library

<b>Web site</b>, donation page
Web site, donation page