PROJECT: Open-source Programming

ROLE: Designer, Programmer

While teaching a programming course that included server-side coding, I needed a way to read student’s code without requiring access to their hosting accounts. This way, I could help with debugging their code, and could also grade technical aspects (like code structure, neatness, commenting, etc.).

Thus, I created the open-source Debuggr project on GitHub. By design, it is a single self-contained file with all the HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP necessary to accomplish its task. It even generates its own internal browser favicon. This makes it easier to install and manage, with less file clutter, especially for beginner coders who are still figuring out how to organize their coding files.

Notably, it can also be configured to read the source code from other web sites — HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and anything else you can read in a browser — and it is mobile-friendly, so it also doubles as a solution for reading source files on a smartphone.

<b>Debuggr</b>, examining HTML, CSS, and JavaScript from Squandrian
Debuggr, examining HTML, CSS, and JavaScript from Squandrian
<b>Debuggr</b> on <a href=>GitHub</a>
Debuggr on GitHub