EngenderHealth Videos: Every Minute Counts + All For Good

PROJECT: Video design and production

ROLE: Writer, designer, animator, audio/video editor

In 2008, the United Nations teamed up with YouTube and Will.i.am to promote the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. There were twelve MDGs, and YouTube went looking for nonprofits to represent each of them. Impressed with EngenderHealth’s work in women’s health, YouTube approached us with a request to create a video about MDG #5, “Improve Maternal Health.” With little budget or time, we produced the video “Every Minute Counts” entirely in-house, with the exception of hiring a voice actress. I co-wrote the script, designed the artwork, animated it, scored it, and assembled it. It became EngenderHealth’s first major video success and was subsequently updated several times with new statistics and adjusted messaging. The version shown here is from 2010.

In 2009, EngenderHealth joined YouTube’s All For Good / Video Volunteers initiative and produced a video asking viewers to create their own videos expressing support for international family planning. The animation and music were silly and playful, with a “South Park” vibe. The characters in the video were voiced by staff members — and frankly, some of the characters were drawn to resemble their voice actors. I co-wrote the script, drew and animated the characters, scored the music, and put it all together.