T-shirts & More

PROJECT: Woot.com and RedBubble swag

ROLE: Designer

Some of my designs are available for purchase on t-shirts, notebooks, tote bags, and more:

Sample images are from Woot and RedBubble.

<b>Snarky the Bear</b> (parody)
Snarky the Bear (parody)
<b>Snarky the Bear</b> sample from Woot.com
Snarky the Bear sample from Woot.com

<b>Jolly Roger: Death By Design</b>
Jolly Roger: Death By Design
<b>Jolly Roger</b> sample from RedBubble
Jolly Roger sample from RedBubble

<b>Like a Politician</b>
Like a Politician
<b>Like a Politician</b> sample from Woot.com
Like a Politician sample from Woot.com

<b>It's Gonna Be Great</b> (The Orange Menace)
It's Gonna Be Great (The Orange Menace)
<b>It's Gonna Be Great</b> sample from RedBubble
It's Gonna Be Great sample from RedBubble