And I’m the Dad: Squandrian

PROJECT: Art generator (or is it?)

ROLE: Designer, programmer

Squandrian randomly generates square-based images vaguely inspired by artists like Piet Mondrian, Ellsworth Kelly, and others. A new image appears every fifteen seconds, tailored to the dimensions of your browser. You can also immediately generate a new image by clicking on the current image, though it will be replaced in fifteen seconds.

I programmed the original HTML and JavaScript in 2002 just for fun. I found the code again in 2016 as I was looking through old files, updated it, and posted it to the And I’m the Dad blog.

<b>Sample 1</b>, randomly generated
Sample 1, randomly generated
<b>Sample 2</b>, randomly generated
Sample 2, randomly generated

<b>Sample 3</b>, randomly generated
Sample 3, randomly generated