PROJECT: Various

ROLE: Artist

Although I regularly use photography in my design work, I am only an amateur photographer myself. However, I have taken thousands of photographs over the last few decades, from the days of 35mm film up to modern digital cameras. Some were for work, some were for beauty, and many were simply for fun.

A few of my favorites are shown here.

More 9/11 photographs are part of Remember September Eleventh.

<b>World Trade Center</b> a week after 9/11
World Trade Center a week after 9/11
<b>Beach sunset</b>
Beach sunset

<b>Lobsterman’s buoys</b>
Lobsterman’s buoys
<b>Maple buds</b> after a spring ice storm
Maple buds after a spring ice storm

<b>Best friends</b> (Stone Town, Zanzibar)
Best friends (Stone Town, Zanzibar)

<b>Sunrise in the Adirondacks</b>
Sunrise in the Adirondacks