Reality Check v3

PROJECT: Software interface

ROLE: UI/UX designer

Among many products produced under the RESPOND Project, one of the most interesting is Reality Check. It combines detailed population and research databases with complex evidence-based predictive models, allowing users to estimate resources needed to achieve future contraceptive prevalence goals (and more!).

Versions 1 and 2 were difficult to use. For Version 3, EngenderHealth and USAID sought to redesign it from the ground up. I worked with the technical team and the Windows programming team to map out and design the user experience. By reorganizing and simplifying the user inputs into three distinct panels — Data, Goals, and Display — I made this complex tool much easier to use. It became the flagship product of the RESPOND Project, and continues to receive positive reviews from researchers and public health officials.

I also art directed the software logo and user manual.

<b>Data</b>, the first panel
Data, the first panel
<b>Goals</b>, the second panel
Goals, the second panel

<b>Display</b>, the third panel
Display, the third panel
<b>User Manual</b>
User Manual