EngenderHealth: Mother’s Day

PROJECT: Seasonal fundraising microsite

ROLE: Web producer, programmer, art director, designer

As an international women’s health organization, EngenderHealth naturally considers Mother’s Day as a fundraising opportunity.

For many years, the theme of the Mother’s Day campaign was “Plant a Flower, Honor a Mother.” It provided a seasonal microsite which allowed visitors to plant virtual “flowers” and have them sent by e-mail or social media to the honoree, in conjunction with a donation.

In addition to brainstorming the campaigns, I oversaw the team that designed the artwork and programmed everything: the interactive elements, the flower database, integration into the donation system, e-mail distribution, and more. In 2013 and 2015, the campaign included a mass-customized video (static 2013 sample here) that incorporated uploaded text and photos from donors into the honored recipient’s e-card. All of this involved carefully integrated HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, and MySQL. The video customization included Flash ActionScript. Donation processes were integrated with customized donation sequences in Salsa or Luminate.

In 2012, EngenderHealth’s “Plant a Flower” campaign won an honorable mention in the PR News Nonprofit PR Awards.

In 2016, EngenderHealth discontinued the “Plant a Flower” series, opting for a simple photo and story appeal.

<b>2015 microsite</b>, campaign home page
2015 microsite, campaign home page
<b>2015 customized graphic</b>, for printing or social media
2015 customized graphic, for printing or social media

<b>2015 flower customizations</b>, depending on donation
2015 flower customizations, depending on donation
<b>2013 microsite</b>, campaign home page
2013 microsite, campaign home page

<b>2013 campaign promotion</b> for social media
2013 campaign promotion for social media
<b>2016 microsite</b>, campaign home page
2016 microsite, campaign home page

<b>2016 web site</b>, campaign secondary page
2016 web site, campaign secondary page