EngenderHealth: End of Year

PROJECT: Seasonal fundraising microsite

ROLE: Web producer, programmer, art director, designer

At least 30% of all nonprofit donations occur at the end of the calendar year, and more than 10% occur in the last three days alone. So, as with many nonprofits, EngenderHealth uses this time as a major fundraising season. These End of Year (EOY) campaigns typically focus on stories and photos of specific people and how EngenderHealth has helped them.

Each year, the EOY campaign features a microsite, as well as customized donation pages and e-mail blasts. The interactivity of the microsite varied with the key messages. In addition to the front-end HTML/CSS/JS design and development, I also programmed the back-end PHP and the integrations with our online donation systems (Salsa or Luminate).

<b>2016 microsite</b>
2016 microsite
<b>2015 microsite</b>
2015 microsite

<b>2014 microsite</b>
2014 microsite
<b>2012 microsite</b>
2012 microsite