And I’m the Dad

PROJECT: Tumblr theme

ROLE: Designer, dad

And I’m the Dad is my personal blog. As a “dad blogger” since 2011, I have been spotlighted by PR News, Mashable, Laughing Squid, Yummy Mummy Club, and others.

The main site is run on Tumblr with a custom theme that I coded with Tumblr’s special markup system. It utilizes CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery, but there is a back-end twist: I customized the DNS to host CSS and JS files on a separate subdomain, like a CDN. I did this because it is impossible to make edits to CSS/JS files after they have been uploaded to the Tumblr cloud, but it’s easy if they’re on my own subdomain.

I also designed the logo, produced several videos, and released a little algorithmic art.

<b>Tumblr theme</b>, quote format
Tumblr theme, quote format
<b>Tumblr theme</b>, chat format (paged down)
Tumblr theme, chat format (paged down)