EngenderHealth: WTFP?!

PROJECT: Awareness campaign, logo, branding, infographics, and more

ROLE: Art director, designer

The award-winning WTFP?! Campaign by EngenderHealth asked the question “Where’s The Family Planning?!” in new and innovative ways. Through viral videos, social media outreach, infographics, and more, this two-year awareness campaign reached more people than any prior EngenderHealth campaign.

I led the team that designed the WTFP?! brand; the web site; dozens of infographics and social media images; shirts, bags, and hats; WTFP?! selfie booths at conferences; and more. I also brainstormed the original concept of merging “FP” (family planning) with “WTF” (off-color internet slang) into “WTFP”. My team designed the WTFP?! thought bubble to make it clear: this is what we’re thinking.

The WTFP?! Campaign won many awards, including three Graphic Design USA Awards, a PRNews Nonprofit PR Platinum Award (and two honorable mentions), a Population Institute Global Media Award, and an honorable mention from the Shorty Awards.

<b>Brand book</b>
Brand book

<b>Web site</b>
Web site
<b>Infographic Example 1</b>
Infographic Example 1

<b>Infographic Example 2</b>
Infographic Example 2
<b>Image created by the WTFP?! online selfie tool</b>
Image created by the WTFP?! online selfie tool

<b>Book bag</b>, one of many WTFP?! swag items
Book bag, one of many WTFP?! swag items