PROJECT: Logo design

ROLE: Designer

MindVox was one of the first ISPs in New York City, made infamous due to its connections with hackers. Once called “the Hells Angels of Cyberspace,” it opened to the public in 1992 with text-only access through dial-up, FTP, and telnet, as its launch predated both HTTP and SSH protocols.*

I had MindVox account until it shut down in 1997. Experimental design was common among users, and at some point I made this logo. Although it was not officially accepted, a version of it was featured on MindVox’s Wikipedia page for many years. (A 3D raytracing I made with another MindVox logo is still online.)

* To be accurate: HTTP did exist in 1992, but was not yet considered popular enough for dial-up ISPs to support. SSH was not invented until 1995.