PROJECT: Logo design

ROLE: Designer

The MenEngage Network was launched in 2012 by EngenderHealth, Promundo, IPPF, and other international nonprofits, with a focus on research, interventions, and policy initiatives that engage men and boys to reduce gender inequalities and promote the health of women, men, and children. It often works in partnership with UNFPA and other major international groups.

I designed the three figures with a single line to reinforce the interrelationship between people. The colors were chosen for an international appeal. Additional logo versions were created for country-specific purposes, such as the Tanzanian version shown here.

Today, MenEngage has become its own 501(c)(3). Although its logo has been updated, it still retains the heart of my original design.

<b>Logo</b>, original
Logo, original
Example of MenEngage logo at a conference in Sri Lanka
Example of MenEngage logo at a conference in Sri Lanka

<b>Logo</b>, for Tanzania-specific MenEngage activities
Logo, for Tanzania-specific MenEngage activities
<b>Logo</b>, alternate color scheme
Logo, alternate color scheme