PROJECT: Logo, stationery, marketing materials, user manuals, user interface

ROLE: Art director, graphic designer, UI/UX designer

IsoSpace was an online collaboration and conferencing platform, and an early dot-com competitor to WebEx. Its web-based software offered screen sharing, document co-editing, secure encrypted storage, and live voice and text communication. Based in the Wall Street neighborhood, it had a particular focus on the communication and security needs of the financial industry.

As IsoSpace’s art and interface director, I designed everything from the logo and stationery, to the user interface and web site, to the marketing materials and user manuals. The logo itself is a window into an isometric world of virtual offices, while the brand demonstrates connectivity between distant spaces.

I worked closely with the programming team to design and test the software, and with the communications director to support sales and support.

<b>Product sheet</b>, front
Product sheet, front
<b>User Manual</b>, cover
User Manual, cover