Grace Fellowship

PROJECT: Logo, style guide, stationery

ROLE: Designer

Grace Fellowship is a megachurch and church network in the region of Albany, NY. With thousands of attendees across multiple campuses, Grace and its senior pastor, Dr. Rex Keener, were looking for a simple way of communicating its name, but also indicating the spiritual journey it invited people to join.

As a result, I designed the Grace Fellowship logo to turn the descender of a lowercase “g” into a pathway that invites the viewer to a distant destination. A full stationery package was developed, and multiple color variations provided options for different campuses and teams. Two palettes are shown here: gold and red, and blue.

In the years since my design, their brand has been updated, but retains the trademark “g” path and the use of the layered silhouette.

<b>Logo</b>, initial color scheme
Logo, initial color scheme
A page from the <b>Style Guide</b>
A page from the Style Guide

<b>Envelopes</b>, two designs
Envelopes, two designs

<b>Logo</b>, alternate color
Logo, alternate color
<b>Service bulletin shell</b>, blue color palette
Service bulletin shell, blue color palette