PROJECT: Logo, branding, fact sheet

ROLE: Art director, designer

With funding from USAID, EngenderHealth launched the five-year Agir pour la Planifcation Familiale project in West Africa. Known as AgirPF, the project was designed to expand women’s access to, and use of, family planning services in five countries.

I directed the team that designed the logo, which shows a happy and energetic couple with child. The color palette was chosen with consultation from our West African colleagues, and represents common national colors across the project’s region.

My team also designed the overall style for the project materials, which was applied to reports, fact sheets, PowerPoint templates, and more. Different paper systems were used depending on the country and audience.

<b>Color Guide</b>, letter-size paper
Color Guide, letter-size paper

<b>Technical brief</b>, A4 paper
Technical brief, A4 paper