DTC 355: Spring 2020: Calendar

355.01: Tuesday / Thursday, 1:25–2:40 p.m.
355.02: Tuesday / Thursday, 9:10–10:25 a.m.

As you know by now, WSU is moving all classes to online distance learning after the 2020 Spring Break due to coronavirus/COVID-19 concerns.

This class will feature recorded lectures and demonstrations through Panopto video, available under the “Class Online” links in the Blackboard course navigation. I am also now available for live Zoom video support through my appointment scheduler or by email.

Day-by-day details of the semester’s classes are listed below. The next few upcoming classes are listed first, followed by the complete semester. The chart has one row per class, and is divided into five columns::

  • WK: the week number. There are 17 weeks of classes in a semester, including Finals Week.
  • DAY: the specific date of that class.
  • TOPIC: the general topic of that class.
  • HOMEWORK BEFORE CLASS: assignments, readings, tutorials, etc., that you should complete before class on that date. Example: if a Monday lists a reading and a writing assignment, you should do it over the weekend before Monday.
  • IN CLASS: a summary of information and activities that will be covered in class on that date.

This calendar is subject to change. The instructor may update it periodically and will notify the class of any significant changes. Also, see the syllabus for general course information.

Look on Blackboard for PDF files of the instructor’s lecture slides. You are free to use them for study or review as part of this class, but do not share or distribute the files.


The next few days are shown here, and the complete semester calendar is below.


0101/14WelcomeRoom: Bryan Hall 404
Course introduction
01/16InformationLog into Blackboard and add your photo to your Blackboard profile.

Read: the short story The Library of Babel, by Jorge Luis Borges. (PDF on Blackboard). Come to class prepared to answer one or more of the following questions:
– What is the setting?
– Who is the main character?
– How are the concepts of information and knowledge represented?
Room: Bryan Hall 404
How the Internet works, and discussion on The Library of Babel and the nature of information.
0201/21UXRead: The Elements of User Experience, Chapter 1: User Experience and Why It Matters, and Chapter 2: Meet the Elements.Room: Bryan Hall 404
Review UX and the 5 elements.
01/23UXRead: The Elements of User Experience, Chapter 3: Strategy, and Chapter 4: Scope.

Read: How Data-Driven Marketers Are Using Psychographics.
Room: Bryan Hall 404
Review web strategies, demographics, psychographics, personas, scope, content requirements, and how to audit a web site.

Project Launch: Web site audit, due 02/13
0301/28UXDecide what web site you will audit for Major Project #1.

Read: The Elements of User Experience, Chapter 5: Structure, and Chapter 6: Skeleton.

Read: Hello Web Design, Chapter 3.2 (pages 103-106): Planning.

Read: The Difference Between Information Architecture (IA) and Navigation.
Room: Bryan Hall 404
Review structure; content structuring; controlled vocabularies.

Review skeleton; navigation design; content structures.

Card sorting
01/30UXRead: Hello Web Design, Chapter 3.3 (pages 107-119): Prototypes.Room: Spark 210
Review wireframes.

Introduce and use Mockflow.
Complete: Tiny Project #1: Mockflow. (Don’t forget to upload the exported PNG to the Dropbox link.)

Read: The Elements of User Experience, Chapter 7: Surface.

Read: Hello Web Design, Chapters 1, 2.1–2.4 (pages 5-53): intro, grids, colors, typography, white space.
Room: Spark 210
Discuss surface design, grids, colors, typography, white space.
02/06UXClass canceled; see homework for the next class.
0502/11UXReview: Web Accessibility readings and videos.

Complete: Web Accessibility Training (takes 30-45 minutes).

Read: Hello Web Design, Chapters 2.5 – 2.7 (pages 54-75): layout and hierarchy, content, user experience; and Chapter 3.1 (pages 97-102): Finding Inspiration.
Room: Spark 210
Discuss usability and accessibility guidelines; site scanners and tools; and finding inspiration.
02/13CodeRoom: Spark 210
Open working time for Project #1: Web Site Audit.
0602/18CodeProject Due: Web site auditRoom: Spark 210
How the Internet works

What is computer programming?

Introducing HTML+CSS

Demo Codepen
02/20CodeSign up for a free Codepen account.

Read: W3Schools HTML Introduction and W3Schools CSS Introduction
Room: Spark 210
Review web hosting and domain names

More HTML and CSS: HTML elements (structure, links, etc.)
0702/25CodeSign up for web hosting and domain name at Reclaim Hosting according to the instructor’s guidelines.Room: Spark 210
Project Launch: HTML Web Site, due 03/24

Review cPanel, web file types, and folder structures

More HTML and CSS
02/27CodeRoom: Spark 210
More HTML and CSS

Introducing HTML and CSS resources and references and inspecting elements in Chrome and FireFox

Tiny Project #2
0803/03CodeFinish Tiny Project #2 if you did not in class.

Read: Hello Web Design, Chapter 2.8: images and imagery, and Chapter 3.5 (pages 126-130): Coding Your Design.
Room: Spark 210
More HTML and CSS: CSS elements

Introduce web site frameworks: Bootstrap 4
03/05CodeRead: W3Schools Bootstrap 4 Introduction

Finish your Bootstrap rows and columns if you didn’t in class, and add the nav and jumbotron in the HTML before your rows and columns. Using CSS, customize the jumbotron with your own background picture, and customize the nav bar with your own links. Add at least 1 row of at least 3 columns of content beneath that. Finish it before the next class, to be ready for additional coding.
Room: Spark 210
Introduce form elements;  OpenGraph and metadata; Google Analytics; Addthis.
0903/10CodeRead: How to Use Google Analytics

Work on Major Project #2: HTML Web Site
Room: Spark 210
Open Lab
03/12CodeWork on Major Project #2: HTML Web SiteRoom: Spark 210
Open Lab
1003/17Spring BreakNo class
03/19Spring BreakNo class
1103/24TBDTake the online Personal Computer Survey.Live Class via Zoom
On Blackboard, go to “Live Class via Zoom” to join me in Zoom today. There is no lecture today. Just say hi and test out your Zoom capabilities.
03/26TBDClass cancelled.
1203/31WordPressProject Due: HTML Web Site (extended deadline)Recorded lecture now on Blackboard: Unit 3, Lesson 1: Content Management Systems and WordPress

Launch Major Project #3: WordPress
04/02WordPressInstall WordPress on your web site as described in Unit 3: Lesson 1 and online.

Decide on the business or organization to design a web site for Major Project #3. It can be the same type as your HTML site.

Review lessons from Weeks 1-4 and The Elements of User Experience. Begin working on the strategy materials for the project.