DTC 355: Fall 2020: Extra Credit Options

Every major project offers extra credit options within them. In addition, I am adding extra credit to the course: If you complete the free or “pro” Codecademy coursework on HTML and CSS, so that a course completion badge is visible on your Codecademy profile, then each course completed earns you a 5% increase on your final course grade.  If you complete both, you will get a total increase of 10% to your course grade.

To demonstrate what a badge looks like, I completed their HTML course. My Codecademy profile now shows this badge:

There will be an assignment on Blackboard, under Major Projects > Extra Credit, where you can turn in the URL to your profile for this extra credit. I will not accept pictures of the badges; only the URL to your Codecademy profile showing the badges

This extra credit is due by Friday, December 18, 2020.