DTC 201: Spring 2021: Major Project XC: Magazine Profile


THIS PROJECT IS OPTIONAL EXTRA CREDIT. If you complete this assignment, its grade (out of 100%) will be multiplied by 15 points, and the resulting point value will be added to each of your other Major Project percentage grades. Or, if you request, this assignment can entirely replace your lowest Major Project grade.

In this assignment, you will complete Adobe InDesign tutorials and use the software to lay out a magazine profile of yourself, highlighting work done previously in the class as well as a particular interest or hobby of yours. Final deliverables are due by midnight on Wednesday, May 5, 2021.

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Detailed Description

Magazine profiles often highlight achievements and interests of a person. In this assignment, you will use Adobe InDesign to create an 4+ page magazine profile of yourself that meets the following requirements:

  • This profile will be a layout that combines images and text into a magazine-style profile of you, your work in this class, and one or more particular interests or hobbies you have.
  • Images:
    • You must include the final products of your previous DTC 201 class projects. For the montage and poster projects, use the outputted images (JPG or PDF) in your layout. For the video project, take a series of screen shots (3 or more) that capture the overall message of the video, and include the images.
    • You must also find or create images related to one or more interests in your life: a hobby, band, style of music, cuisine, place, TV show, etc. Use as many images as you need to illustrate this.
      • All the images must be documented.
      • No image can be watermarked.
    • At least one page must have a full-bleed image.
  • Text:
    • Write 600+ word article about yourself, your class projects, and your interests, as described below.
    • For all of the text, write about yourself in the third person. Do not use “I” or “me” except within quotes; instead, refer to yourself as “he” or “she” or your preferred pronoun.
    • Start with 100+ words introducing yourself as a designer with a particular passion.
    • For each of the class projects, include a written summary that explains the project. Each summary should be 100+ words, and should have its own subhead section title. You can adapt the writing you already did for the projects, even copying parts as appropriate.
    • For the “interests” section, start with explaining that you are also a fan of …. whatever it is. Write 100+ words that introduces your interest to the reader as if it was completely new to them.
    • Every image must have a caption that includes a title and at least one descriptive sentence.
    • Each page must have a folio and page number.
  • Layout:
    • Your layout should have at least 4 pages: a front page, a back page, and at least one spread internally. You can do additional pages, but they must be in spreads (e.g. multiples of two: 6 pages, 8 pages, etc.)
    • You must use a grid layout that is consistent throughout the pages.
    • You must use consistent typographic styles throughout the layout.

Learning Adobe InDesign

Little time has been spent on Adobe InDesign in class, so this is a largely self-directed extra credit learning project. You should work through the Adobe InDesign tutorials to essentially teach yourself the software. However, you can contact the instructor by email, or schedule a Zoom meeting, for any questions about the software or the project.

Final Deliverables

The deliverables on this project are similar to other projects.

  • Profile: an exported PDF file of all the pages in your layout.
  • Link to your project in your cloud storage: a URL to the shared folder containing your InDesign project: your original files, your working files, and your final files, as described in the organizational guidelines.
  • Written documentation: image citations for all images incorporated into your work, using the spreadsheet format reviewed in class.
  • Link to this project in your online portfolio: a URL to the standalone page that features images from this project’s layout.

Or, to put it another way:

  • You will upload 1 file to this assignment via Blackboard:
    1. Your final PDF layout
  • You will include 3 links in the assignment text box on Blackboard:
    1. The “sharing” link/URL to your main project folder up on cloud storage (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.), and 
    2. The “sharing” link/URL to your documentation spreadsheet in Google Sheets, and
    3. The link/URL to this project’s page on your online portfolio.

Note: “sharing” links for cloud storage and Google Sheets are not the same as the page URL when you’re looking at them online. You have to select the “Share” feature in your cloud storage and in Google Sheets to find and copy the sharing link.

Milestones & Deadlines

As noted on the course calendar, there are no Milestones for this project.

Final deliverables are due by midnight on Wednesday, May 5, 2021 via Blackboard.

Grading Considerations

You will be graded on the following aspects:

  • 40%: Your ability to demonstrate InDesign skills through a layout that features a consistent grid, consistent typography, consistent margins, etc.
  • 30%: Your visual design: the overall quality of your style, colors, typography, etc.
  • 20%: The quality, clarity, and organization of your magazine profile’s writing.
  • 10%: The organization of your documentation, files, and folders according to course guidelines, as well as your online portfolio page.

A baseline 75% C-level project would only include the minimal number of images; only the minimal number of pages; use default stylings for fonts and colors; doesn’t use a consistent grid; is not written with particular detail or thoughtfulness.

Your grade would go up by including more images across more pages; using more complicated styles, colors, fonts, grids, and other layout options; is written with detail and thoughtfulness.

If you complete this assignment, its grade (out of 100%) will be multiplied by 15 points, and the resulting point value will be added as a percentage increase to each of your other Major Project percentage grades.

For example: if you scored an 80% on this XC project, then… 80% x 15 points = 12 points …so if you also scored an 80% on Major Project #1, your MP1 grade would now go up by 12 to a 92%, and all of your other Major Project grades would also go up by 12.

Or, if you request, your grade on this assignment can entirely replace your lowest Major Project grade.