DTC 201: Spring 2020: Major Projects

As described in the syllabus and calendar, DTC 201 has four major projects.

Project 1: Dada Reality

Create a digital collage of reality with an imaginary augmented reality overlay in the style of Dada art and protest. Apply your understanding of collage and photomontage as well as principles of design and composition. Create your collage in Adobe Photoshop, using the techniques, tools, and best practices covered in your tutorials and class demos.

  • Bitmap graphics: Introduction to Photoshop, scaling and cropping images, resolution, image formats, use of layers, image adjustments/enhancement, and selections.
  • Research techniques: Using open-access images, Creative Commons licenses, and using appropriate instructional tutorials to expand technical knowledge.
  • Art history and design: Visual language of 2-D design, history of collage and photomontage.

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